Who are the Wyld Consultants?

We are the authors of "On-demand deliverables"

No commitment, no delay, no overhead, no excuses

Raised in the untamed wilderness of software development, grown to maturity in business development, media, and communication, the Wyld Consultants grew strong on a constant diet of project management successes while evading the ever-present failure predators.

We are a league of expert gentlemen who are practiced in the art of project salvation across many disciplines.

What is project salvation? It takes several forms. First and foremost, it is the ability to plot a project course to avoid the swamps and tar pits of budget overruns and schedule slips.

Secondly, it is the ability to take a project that may be drowning in its own overhead or unforeseen changes to the landscape, and put it back on course.

We are the scouts of the project management jungles.We know the territory, we know how to read the signs of approaching danger, and we know how to escape the traps and false hopes of projects small and large.


What makes us different

In a phrase, "On-demand deliverables" is why we are different, better, safer. What does that mean?

"On-demand" means what you need, when you need it, with no overhead, waste, or delay. Deliverables are the things you need to succeed.

It's that simple. Think of Uber. On-demand transportation. You don't have to get a car loan, or insurance, or even a parking space. Ask,and you receive exactly what you need: A simple trip from point A to point B, no overhead, no contracts, just the ride.

THAT is on-demand deliverables for your project.THAT is what Wyld Consultants supplies. You don't need hours, or months, or contracts. You need deliverables.

We supply deliverables. Not time, not hours. We supply results. Want to see some examples?

We turn your project into a dynamic, successful adventure without parking tickets, HR hassles, or documents nobody will ever read or care about.  There is no reason to be stuck in old, outdated processes, just like there is no reason to be lost without tried-and-true winning strategies from well-established project management methodologies forged in the furnace of real life experience.

All you need is exactly what you need, and we know what that is. On-demand deliverables from Wyld Consultants. Get some!

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