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Information Architect,
Technical Communication Specialist,
Software and Tech Writing Guy


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Choose from the large selection of latest pre-made blocks - full-screen intro, bootstrap carousel, content slider, responsive image gallery with lightbox, parallax scrolling, video backgrounds, hamburger menu, sticky header and more.

I am a senior software development professional with CIO-level management experience who specializes in information architecture (the intgegration, augmentation, and validation of software UX and documentation), business communication (internal and public-facing), and project redemption.
In short, I am a coder who writes, and a writer who codes, and a manger of those who write or code who excels in fixing problems at all levels, from source code to training materials to website sales copy.

Why have I chosen information architecture, the fusion of software and documentation, to focus on?  Because it is a terribly underserved area of our industry, and I like getting my hands dirty and not simply hovering over interesting technology like a management tourist in a hot air balloon.  

I am a solo resource, a self-motivated and driven individual who needs virtually no oversight, but also a gregarious and social  creature who integrates easily with existing teams (whether they are all in the same office or spread across the world in a half dozen different time zones). I can move easily between tasks, responsibilities, and departments as schedules and priorities demand without stress or failure to perform.

 If you have been through a software project or two, you know almost all technical writers have no experience building system software in C++ or Java.  They can't successfully take a software product from design to developer guides with any regularity because they lack the depth of understanding a programmer has.  And you'll also know that software engineers who implement REST APIs for enterprise solutions are nortoriously bad at documenting their products for other developers, let alone the customers who will end up using them.

Incomplete or incorrect written communication means failed projects and failed products.  Incomplete technology understanding or ability to communicate means disaster,  and nobody got time for that.  
You certainly don't.
I successfully assist difficult comercial software, technical writing, and integration projects where my unique blend of software engineering, management, and writing experience can play a pivitol role, bridging the chasm between attempt and success (a chasm which has the white water rapids of Failure River running through its jagged basin).

With the unique breadth of expertise I bring to business challenges in the IT space, I can fix ugly problems in your software development, technical documentation, and product management efforts faster and more affordably than anyone else you'll encounter.  I also teach courses in humility. That's not true. I don't really teach courses in humility.   I really shouldn't start lying to you on our very first encounter.  Anyway...

If you are a startup, or an established tech company who needs someone who you don't have to explain Android manifests, continuous integration builds, the .NET GAC, or DDOS attacks to before I can start solving your problems, contact me.  We'll have fun, and you'll be able to relax knowing I've got you covered.
No lie.

Tools and Skills

MS Office (Word, PPT, etc)
Agile Development
Information Mapping
MS Visual Studio
Team/Dept. Champion
Overseas Team Mgmt.
Editing, proofreading
Unix shell scripting
Linux Kernel builds


My Portfolio (click here)

Example Deliverables:

Software User's Guides
Developer Guides
Software Specifications
Video scripts
Example Source Code
Business Plans
Marketing Plans
Website content
Blog posts
Release Notes
Technical Advisories
Executive Summaries
Proposals, RFPs, RFIs
Smart Contracts
Ethereum Dapps
Training Guides
Workflow Design
Requirements Gathering
SWOT Analysis
Security Audits
Website design
UX Analysis and Refactor
Competitor Analysis
Best Practices
Sales Brochures
Software QA plans

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